Venture Studio Playbook: Choosing & Investing in Startups

Define selection criteria

Start by defining the selection criteria that will be used to evaluate the startup ideas. Criteria might include market potential, the strength of the team, the uniqueness of the product or service, and the potential for scalability.

Identify potential startups

Once the selection criteria have been defined, identify potential startups that meet those criteria. This might involve working with internal teams or external partners to identify promising opportunities.

Evaluate startups

Conduct a thorough evaluation of each startup idea to determine its potential. This might involve conducting market research, analyzing the competitive landscape, and evaluating the strength of the team and their ability to execute.

Develop a portfolio

Once a set of promising startup ideas has been identified and evaluated, develop a portfolio of startups to invest in. This portfolio should be diversified to reduce risk and should include a mix of early-stage and more established startups.

Provide support

Once investments have been made, provide ongoing support to the startups to help them succeed. This might involve providing access to resources, expertise, and networks to help the startups grow and succeed.

Monitor progress

Regularly monitor the progress of the startups in the portfolio and make adjustments as needed. This might involve providing additional support to struggling startups or divesting from those that are not performing well.