The Stages of VC Business Funding

VCs and other investors make it possible for promising entrepreneurs, with little or no operating history, to secure capital to launch their business.

Stage 1: Seed capital Seed money means capital that will enable startups to grow in the future.

Stage 2: Series A stage The company has a product available at this stage. VCs might be focusing on acquiring key personnel, fine-tuning the product/service.

Stage 3 :Series B stage Funding received at this stage will go toward manufacturing and production facilities, sales and marketing.

Stage 4: Expansion stage Growth is often exponential by this point. VC funding becomes more fuel for the fire, enabling expansion to additional markets.

Stage 5: Mezzanine stage  At this juncture, the company may be looking to go public, given that its products and services have found suitable traction.

A successful startup requires more than just a great idea. It needs a regular stream of funding provided by investors. VC  is an indispensable part of the fundraising ecosystem.